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51% African Woman Owned

From its humble beginnings, AUCOURANT has grown substantially in the last few years since it was established, and although that success is largely attributed to our passion, commitment and dedication to quality service, we are also very grateful to all of our loyal clients who have supported us moving forward. However, the growing process never stops and we are always on the lookout for new ventures and opportunities to ensure that we put our stamp on the design and marketing map.

In 2014 AUCOURANT went into partnership with African woman entrepreneur and business owner of AzonRail, Babalwa Dludu. Babalwa, an industrial engineer by profession and an executive for over 10 years, has a 51% sharehold in AUCOURANT and has become an integral part of the company’s day-to-day dealings as Chairman of the Board.

We are proud to have Babalwa as part of our team, and fully believe that key partnerships and business relationships will allow us to continue to grow and provide a better service for all of our clients.

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