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Why choose AUCOURANT?

At AUCOURANT graphic design and reproduction, we understand that people are individuals, with unique ideas, personalities and tastes. In the same regard, we also understand that businesses are unique and each exudes its own sense of personality and style through its brand identity. It is our goal to understand and interpret your identify in a way that suits your business needs, while involving you in the creative process from start to finish, because no-one else understands your business like you do.

“It is our attention to detail, our perfectionist nature, keen eye for design and most importantly, devotion to our clients’ satisfaction that results in our success. We pride ourselves in the fact that we approach every client on a personal level, taking care of their individual design needs.” – Kyle John Behrens

This is a company run by people who are passionate about design.


AUCOURANT graphic design and reproduction offers 360 degree turn around solutions, offering our clients a large variety of services making us a one stop, got to design company.


Not to be mistaken for branding, a logo is quite simply a representation of a company in its simplest form. Logos are often created using one ore more of the following graphic elements – name, symbols, icons, specified colours and logotype, and the finished Logo is the tool that a company uses to communicate its brand. A well designed logo should be recognisable and capable of creating emotional connections with its intended audience.

What we offer:

  • Creation of new logos
  • Taking outdated or poorly designed logos and giving them a make-over
  • Redrawing of existing logos as vector
Corporate Identities

A Corporate Identity consists of the physical elements of a company, often influenced by the design of the logo – business cards, letterheads, email signatures, comp slips, corporate folders, these are all materials that most come in contact with customers or clients. For a corporate identities to remain consistent, it is important to set rules and guidelines that will govern how all graphic design elements are used when creating websites, social media, posters, flyers, advertisements, employee uniforms, store layout designs, package designs. etc

What we offer:

  • Basic Corporate Identity
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Email signatures
  • Comp slips
  • Corporate folders
  • Corporate Identity Manual that will serve to govern all other designs.
  • Full Corporate Identity – Includes all of the above
Corporate Identities
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Brand Development

We understand the importance of branding and what it means for your business. Branding was originally adopted to differentiate one person’s cattle from another with the use of symbols or icons that were burned into the animals skin with a “branding Iron”. Branding is the process whereby we develop a company’s brand and brand material, which will be used to define that company and differentiate it from its competitors. Whether your company is in its conceptual stage, or just in need of rebranding, we have the skills and passion to make your brand work for you.

Branding is a concept or an idea that is forever evolving but remains constant and true to the values and ideals of a company. This serves as a foundation for marketing and for what becomes an emotional and psychological relationship between a company and its consumers.

The four key point we follow in order to create successful brands:

To be disticnt

Being able to stand out in a crowed is a very beneficial trait for any brand, which is why we at AUCOURANT graphic design and reproduction recognise the need for your brand to be distinct; to be able to differentiate itself from the competition and to be noticed.

To connect

A brand needs to be able to align itself with people’s passions, beliefs and aspirations; to connect to what they feel and what they desire. By doing so, it empowers itself with the ability to create demand and fulfil the needs of their intended target audience.

To be consistent

In order to remain credible, a brand needs to remain consistent as far as its visual and verbal communications with its audience are concerned as well as with regards to the services and experiences it provides. If you lack consistency, the message and experience becomes lost and confused.

To be recognisable

The ultimate goal of any brand would be to build its image and relevancy to the point where it becomes recognisable by both its internal and external audiences.

Graphic Design & Layout

An idea, an impression, a feeling, a messages or information, an emotional response or connection to a visual work of art.

At AUCOURANT graphic design and reproduction it is our duty to understand the fundamental importance of Graphic design, amalgamating words, symbols and images to create functional artwork that successfully communicates with the intended target audience. Covering all your design and layout needs for Corporate Identities, Magazines, Advertisements, Product Packaging and Promotional Campaigns, Animation and more.

Graphic Design & Layout
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Desktop Publishing

If you have any repro problems we certainly have the skills to correct any job. Desktop Publishing was and always will be our first love as this is what started our career in graphic design. Although we are commonly used to do page layout and reproduction, our skills are not limited to paper, the same skills are used to create graphics for point of sale displays, promotional items, trade show exhibits, retail package designs and outdoor signs.

Before aucourant was founded, we had the privilege of working with large publications such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, “O” Magazine and Femina. “The involvement mainly required our skills in Photoshop and Indesign. Using seamless retouching, image manipulation, innovative “Show Through” techniques and state of the art “Image Isolation” we were able to reproduce magazines that have surely set a high standard in the industry of desktop publishing.

Desktop Publishing
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Image Manipulation & Retouching

AUCOURANT graphic design and reproduction offers a unique approach to “all” digital and scanned images using seamless retouching and image manipulation of the highest international standards, innovative “Show Through” techniques and state of the art Image Isolation.

Image Manipulation & Retouching
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Web Design & Interface Layout

AUCOURANT graphic design and reproduction will help you to create web sites that enhance the interactive experience of your users or web site visitors. Combining visual communication skills with the interactive communication skills of user interaction and online branding.

What we offer:

  • Custom designed HTML websites (No templates used)
  • WordPress blogging websites (Customisable templates to suit your company look and feel)
  • Various Hosting Options with our preferred hosting company
  • Website maintenance options to ensure your website stays current and up to date
Social Media

Social Media has no doubt become an integral part of online marketing, an opportunity for your business or brand to extend its influence further with the use of applications such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the list goes on. aucourant offers professional services to assist you and your company in setting up Social Media pages, and offering constant advice and maintenance options thereafter. Get connected and stay engaged with your customers/clients with the use of social media.

What we offer:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
Promotional Branding services

Due to the nature of our business, promotional branding has become an integral part our services on offer to our clients. We have sourced the very best suppliers for gifts gadgets and clothing. Annual visits to the marketing expo in Johannesburg and meeting with our suppliers regularly ensure we always have the latest and greatest products on offer to you. Be surprised at the quick and explosive rate at which we will affix your logo to any gift, gadget or clothing no matter the size of your order, small or large.

Interactive Pdf's

Interactive PDF’s are not very common, but are rising in popularity among our clients. Simply put, it’s a PDF small enough to be sent via email with many of the benefits of an interactive website, which gives you great way to create a better interactive experience when sending out adverts, product catalogs, promotional campaigns and more.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with so many things to say, a few pictures can go a long way in promoting your brand while communicating to your consumers what you’re all about. AUCOURANT graphic design and reproduction now has a team of 3 highly skilled photographers, offering both great photographic services, as well as professional photo editing. So whether you want the perfect shot, or just to enhance that less than perfect happy snap, we’ve got you covered.

What we offer:

  • Male and Female model photography/portfolios
  • High Fashion Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Product Photography
Male Model Photography
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Female Model Photography
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Product Photography
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Adobe Creative Suit Training

Are you a Graphic Designers, Desktop Publishers or Photographer looking to further refine your existing skills? AUCOURANT graphic design and reproduction is now offering training, which will cover a variety of essential skills to further advance your understanding and knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite Programs (Mainly: Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat Pro) helping you master the basics as well as more advanced techniques to take your image manipulation and layout skills to the next level.

Photoshop training includes:

  • High end image manipulation and retouching
  • Colour correction and enhancement
  • Deep-etching / image isolation
  • Managing and working with Photoshop layers

inDesign training includes:

  • How to navigate and work with InDesign
  • Getting the most out of the InDesign program tools
  • InDesign and Photoshop Merger –  Getting the best results from InDesign using PSD’s and layers
  • Using InDesign for Design and Layout

Adobe acrobat pro:

To complete your training we have included a short tutorial in Adobe Acrobat Pro, using advanced – print production tools to check all PDF’s, ensuring the integrity of the document and the very best in quality before it goes to print.

Creation of (PDF/X-1A)
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  • Creating Flash with InDesign
  • Creating Interactive PDF’s


aucourant website logo

aucourant website logoAUCOURANT overview

AUCOURANT graphic design and reproduction is a small Graphic Design Studio situated in Ruimsig, Johannesburg, established to offer its existing and new clients with the highest quality and standard or work at competitive prices.

Our mission

Despite being a small design studio, we’re ready and able to tackle the biggest tasks and cater to clients of every kind. Whether you are a small medium or large business, we have both the experience and the understanding to ensure that our designs enhance your brand and help you grow.

Our vission

AUCOURANT graphic design and reproduction’s vision is greatly influence by the following quote:

“Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service” – Steve Jobs

We believe that a brand speaks through design about what it is and what it represents and we want to make sure that your brand is telling the right story.

Our values

  • Creative leadership through innovative ideas and design
  • Working together as a team to achieve our goals
  • A readiness to approach all our jobs with integrity, passion and a desire for perfection
  • The ability to satisfy our clients with a high standard of work, great attention to detail and a fast turnaround time

Definition of AUCOURANT

au cour•rant (pronounced oh koo-rahn)


  1. a. Aware of what is going on; well informed
  2. b. Fashionable: stylish

Fully familiar; conversant

Synonyms: up-to-date, cool, hip, in, now, trendy, turned-on, with-it

ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: from French, literally ‘in the (regular) course’.


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